important aspect to being successful

I think the most important aspect to being successful is not losing yourself at the cost of trying to be proactive. Staying true to who you are as an artist and human being goes a long way. When it comes down to it, the most important thing is to constantly challenge yourself and don’t get complacent. No matter how successful you are, nothing is ever due to you and the experience and learning never stops. You have to constantly remind yourself that you’re very lucky to be doing what you love – take full advantage of that, stay humble, enjoy yourself and remember the importance of having a community of creatives you can bounce things off of. Once it becomes “work”, you’re doing something wrong.

why i love photography...

Because it allows me to create art that no one else can replicate within that space and time. It enables us to capture moments that would otherwise just blend into all the other moments that have passed. Instead, we can freeze time in a way and be able to look back at it over time, seeing something new or different in it because while the image hasn’t changed, we have.

click with people...

I honestly believe that having your clients feel comfortable around you and your camera all starts before you even take their photos. If your first time meeting them is at their photoshoot they're going to be nervous and shy because they don't know you and there's not always a lot you can do to fix that. Getting to know my clients prior to the shoot is some of the most important time I spend as a photographer. I feel that in order to capture clients naturally they need to feel comfortable and trust me. They should feel like they already know me.

That's why I do a consult with all my clients before a photoshoot, so we can get to know each other. That time is invaluable to taking better photos later. During the consult we really focus on them, and talking about their story and who they are.