AEOMLIFESTYLE. “All eyes on me lifestyle,” represents the individual and or subject, demanding and compelling audience around them to take notice and be awed by their beauty, flaws, and honesty. 

Jr Ganiban, of AEOMLIFESTYLE, is a aspiring photographer specializing photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture. He is also a graphic designer and illustrator on his spare time.

Jr was born in the Philippines. Moved at the age of 5 with his family to California. Later moving to Hawaii and finishing his high school at Lanai High. He went on to graduating at University of Hawaii, as a Electrical Engineer. 

After a crash course in photography, learning it through trial and error, Jr developed a style that emphasized on capturing that one moment in time, where every little thing falls into a place. An image that not only tells a story but a image that portrays what the subject is. 

As years past, developing his own unique style, he decided to venture into the public. Sharing his ideas and working with clients to give them something magical, something beautiful, and something inspirational where the image is not just some image anymore, but a special memory in time and space.